Puzzles Reduce Dementia

by Rob on 20/01/2012

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Those who carry out “brain exercises” are much less likely to suffer from dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Keeping the brain active helps to maintain the synaptic pathways through it – the very pathways which allow thinking to occur. Any sort of exercise will help in maintaining these essential pathways, and a program of such exercise will have cumulative effects.

Past studies have shown that activities such as gardening, singing, and even DIY tasks – to the extent that they can be performed – all help to maintain brain health. And regularly doing sudoku exercises or crossword puzzles is a big help too.

A study in Bavaria quite recently, enrolled 50 people in a program of brain activity. This consisted of a variety of physical activities and movement, and mental exercises. These included puzzles, playing games such as bowling, and carrying out balancing activities.

After a year, the participants carrying out the program were found to have a very similar brain function to that which they had at the beginning of the program – very little deterioration was noted. In fact, those on the program attained benefits at least equivalent to those taking drugs. Additionally, those on the program were better able to perform various daily tasks than those just taking drugs – not surprisingly, as exercises which emphasise balance, for example, are going to help you with any daily tasks you have to perform.

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